Monday, September 26, 2011

Possible 2012 Movie Release

A play that is very close to my heart after seeing it in London will be adapted into movie form to be released in 2012. I am already so stoked for it. If you haven't heard yet, I am talking about Les Miserables. Tom Hooper, the director of The King's Speech (which I haven't seen and am still dying to see), will also be directing Les Miserables. That gives me high hopes as everybody loved The King's Speech and he also did John Adams which was amazing.
Casting so far: 

Hugh Jackman - Jean Valjean - Sounds good to me. 
Anne Hathaway-  Might be Fantine - I could see her doing well in this play. Hopefully I am right.
Helena Carter -  Madame Thenardier - After her role in Sweeney Todd I have no doubt she will be successful at this. 
Russell Crow -  Inspector Javert - I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this. 
Emma Watson - Rumored to be Cosette - Another one I'd almost have to see to believe. 

I know what I am seeing on the big screen next year (now that there is no Harry Potter) and I can't wait.

Side note to the producers: There will be no excuse good enough if this show gets canceled or put on the back burners. 

I have included a video for your viewing pleasure.

Samantha Barks was in the production we saw in London! I miss it so much. 

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  1. 1. Let's watch 'Kings Speech' when I get back.

    2. (Minus-Russell Crowe) that sounds FABULOUS!