Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away....Please Come Back Another Day

It has been an insane year for weather and weather disasters, especially here in the United States. I thought we had gotten all we would once the hail came, the earthquake hit and the hurricane passed. People got hurt and damage was done but not to the extent that was possible. But it seems that these crazy weather incidences just wont stop.

Please keep those states that are dealing with wild fires, including Texas, in your prayers. They could use it.

Also keep the east coast in your prayers. We are dealing with torrential rains that are much worse than anything we experienced from the hurricane. It's quiet now, and hopefully will remain so, but we just never know.

I can't think of the last time we have had this much rain. Homes are flooding, some washing away. Cars are in the same situation. A few lives lost, hopefully no more. We joke about it. Where is Noah's Ark when you need it? But really, it's a bit scary, especially for those that live near any body of water. Luckily for us, we live in a pretty safe zone if there was to be any flooding in my town. But not my work. I took the following picture after work.

There is a creek near my work that I usually don't think twice about because it's never too high and I can almost never see it from where I am. But today was a different story.

Will this nutty weather ever end? I fully expect a crazy winter now....filled with lots and lots of snow.

I took this picture during the hail storm we had. Looking at it now, it seems to lame. But at the time the ice chunks seemed huge and the storm came out of nowhere. 

I just can't believe that classes are already being canceled this year for weather. Lucky ducks. Such an East Coast thing though. Canceling class because of the weather. But you should be jealous West Coast. Your missing out. Really truly though, once you work full time, sucky weather is just sucky weather. You still have to drag yourself to work. :(  And that's when being an adult stinks!

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