Friday, August 28, 2009

I Am A Big Believer...

I am a big believer in doing what you want at your reception. Why should everybody be forced to have a cookie cutter reception when receptions are suppose to be a celebration of you and your husband/wife. If its going to celebrate you why not throw a party that represents the both of you. I for one find Mormon receptions boring so we are going to throw in some activities like coloring pages for the kids and a quiz for the adults. I am going to have a small desert table with deserts that I love. And we are having a nice but relaxed reception which kind of represents who me and Jon are.

Since I have begun blogging I have read many unique ideas for weddings. These of course include photo booths, desert bars, candy bars, and receptions that are completely focused around something such as music.

Two such unique ideas that I have read in the last few days that I just loved are as follows:

One gal on weddingbee (ill post the link if I run into it again) was trying to find a caterer that fit within her budget. One caterer proposed the idea of doing a gourmet hamburger bar complete with vegetarian options, onion rings, sweet potato fries, poppers, etc. How yummy does that sound? Downfall is it could get messy and the bride would want to consider wearing something other than her wedding dress but I for on know my fiance would love this. Maybe I will steal this idea for a party in the future.

The next idea was found while stalking facebook. A TA I had once is getting married and having a reception at what looks like to be my ex professors house (kinda makes me miss college a bit). On the event page for the reception they put where they were registered. But then they also said that they had set up a scholarship fund to help students achieve their educational goals which people could donate too in place of a gift. They set it up in honor of their mothers who believed in the power of education and had worked hard to support them in their academic goals. I think that it is an amazing and selfless thing to do. While I have heard of couples who donated money in honor of their guests I have not yet heard of a bride and groom who have set up a charitable fund that guests can give to instead of giving a gift. What a great idea!

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  1. Great post! I think many people lose sight of what the wedding / reception is about. I LOVE making the whole night a representation of us. Some might snicker or have something to say but in the end, if we LOVE it then that is what matters. I say go with whatever you want!

    Good luck!