Friday, August 14, 2009

Yes I am A Stalker

I have some stalkerish hobbies. My two favorite activities to pass time away is to check out peoples facebook profiles, view their pictures, see who they are dating, who they are friends with, etc., and to read blogs.

I usually decide to start following a blog based on its content and what it does for me. I follow some blogs simply because they talk about wedding and wedding planning and thats what im in the midst of now. I follow other blogs because I once met the person, because they have the same political beliefs as me, or because they are funny. There are blogs I follow that post coupons, links to free stuff, or information about events. But my favorite type of blog to follow are those that I feel could help me to become a better person, a better fiance/soon to be wife, and a better friend. I like advise, wisdom, and knowledge.

And on that note, I would like to share with you some of the blogs that I feel could help me to become a better person:

Sensibly Styled is one I found today. Its focus is modesty. How great is that? Do you have problems finding modest clothes or being fashionable and modest, then check out this blog. I promise its great.

Rockstar Diaries is super awesome. Why? Because its written by a Mormon chick whose got a great marriage, great style, and is very talented. She is also very dedicated to focusing on the things that make her happy. Something I need to be better about in my life. If anything its also fun to read.

That Wife is written by a lady who wrote for Wedding Bee. I started going onto Wedding Bee way after she wrote for them but I ran into her writing one day and read all her postings from the beginning to the end and then luckily ran into the personal blog she started after she got married. Shes Mormon, also got a great marriage, very open, talks a lot about the scriptures and her marriage, is a very talented photographer, and has a fun personality.

I dont necessarly follow these blogs because the girls are Mormon. But because they post about valuable things, about what makes their life happy, about what keeps their marriages strong, about the lessons they learn in life, about good values, and about being modesty and fashionable. I want to simply thank them for taking the time to write about the good things in life and for helping me in my quest to becoming a better and stronger person.

Much love to all!!!!!!

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