Monday, August 3, 2009

I Am Going Crazy

Jon has been gone since Wednesday for a family reunion. I honestly got through it way better than I thought I would. Mainly thanks to my bff Amanda, staying busy, and being soo tired on Saturday that I couldn't feel anything. But right now, though I am tired again (dang not being more responsible), I feel it. I am slowly going crazy. But not really from not seeing him. I just need to talk to him. Hear from him. Hear his voice. If that would just happen I think this feeling would go away. Ah! I can't stand it.

But since he left, I have had a grand time too. Wednesday I went out shopping with Amanda. We do what we do best. We bought the same exact items. Its a good thing she goes to school at SVU. We bought the same purses, one even in the same color. They were just such awesome purses. Thursday was institute. Friday we went to dinner, went to a party, and went out for a late night snack with some friends. Saturday I took a trip up to the temple with my mom to take care of something which left me in utter tired misery, took a long nap, woke up soo tired still and went through the good part of the evening half awake. Laura took me to this place called Eden. It's like a Vietnamese colony within Virginia. So different but the food at the restaurant we ate at was pretty good. The only problem is they didn't take credit card. WHO DOESNT TAKE CREDIT CARD??? Laura went to go find an ATM when a waiter came up and told me that they would take check and thankfully I've started carrying my check book around. After that we celebrated with a Japanese movie to end the night. Sunday was church, break the fast, and watching Taking Chance with Amanda. So as you can see I, thankfully with the help of family and friends, had a full full schedule. But again today I am tired.

At the party I got hit on majorly by 31 year old Steve. Apparently he did not notice my ring. So funny yet so awkward. I was certain that he would have gotten my number if I had given him the opportunity. He eventually left the party when Amanda and I did not give him another chance to talk to us. Everytime Jon leaves town I get hit on. Why oh Why???? STOP LEAVING TOWN JON!!!

4 more days and my summer adventure, break, trip, w/e its called occurs. Can't wait....PA here Logan and I come.

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  1. Liz the movie was korean, KOREAN!! Get your languages right!Ok? It was placed in Japan but was Korean. lol.