Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Love...

See the picture above! Its one of my many loves! Rice Krispie Treats probably makes it in the top 10 things I love the most. Oh Yum!!! Once at girls camp the question during the game was what is your favorite desert. Everyone mentioned something amazing, complicated, and delicious. Then they got to me and my answer was simply Rice Krispie Treats. If I didn't love them so much I would have felt like an idiot and hid from all the strange looks I got. I love them so much I want them at my wedding reception. They deserve a place on the table. And luckily, thanks to a friend of mine Brooke, they will. She so kindly gave in to volunteering to cook some of them for my reception.

And this is just one example of the many ways people have volunteered to help. I am so thankful for everyone who have offered their time and talents to help with my reception. I never realized so many people would be so kind to me and I am not sure I deserve it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and hope I can find a way to give back to them. If for no other reason, I will enjoy my reception just for the simple acts of kindness that went into it.

And on another note, the picture links to ehow. It says "how to make the best rice krispies treats ever." I wonder if they are??? Do you think the article rating is a good indication that they aren't?

Well if anybody out there makes Rice Krispie Treats anytime in the next year or two feel free to send me some. I'd even give you my address so you could.

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