Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Read if You Don't Care About My Wedding

I haven't given a wedding update in a while so here is a quick one :

Today I am turning in rental applications for the apartment we want. Pray for us that we get it. I love the complex so much.

We ended up paying someone to design our invites. They are very simple like we planned but they will print better than the ones we designed. I will try to post more about this later.

I am still trying to think about the deserts. I am still thinking the wedding cake, apple pies, and perhaps something else like donuts or rice krispie treats.

My shoes came in but were messed up. I sent them back and got a new pair but they were slightly messed up. I am communication with the company now to see what can be done. They claim I can just wipe it clean but I will not attempt that until they promise I can return them if it doesn't work.

My bracelet came in. Quite pretty. Will possibly post more about it later.

Our wedding book is almost done. Its been quite a project. Hopefully it turns out well. Maybe i'll post some pictures of it upon completion.

We found a restaurant that we will most likely host the family dinner at. Like above, I will post more about this when it becomes more concrete. We needed something though that wasn't too costly per person and which offered a big variety. The place we found has a nice back room for large groups, is Italian, and is very open to what their customer wants to do.

Major things that still need to get done:

Dress alterations
Print and send out of Invitations
Photographer (decision to be made real soon. promise)
etc., etc, etc,

My DIY projects include:

Painting A Wooden "Love" Sign
Covering Candle Votives in Bees Wax
Possibly make some sort of sign of picture thing for above the mantel


One or two event tickets to buy
One more hotel to book (3 already booked)

I feel that many brides take over their whole blog with wedding stuff. But many of them are having a larger wedding than me. I have decided that for my sanity I will not do this and will still blog about life in general. But I will try and be better at posting updates and perhaps information on some of the things I do and decisions I make.

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