Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Should Be In Church But...

I am itchy and tired from Seed Ticks.

Geocashing is fun and I have done it in Utah at night. But we learned our lesson never to do it in Virginia at night time, and to stay out of woods that don't have paths. Friday night we never succeeded in finding anything while geocashing, which at point point let us into a wooded area, so we decided to relax and watch a movie. The problem was that me and Jon were really itchy the whole rest of the night. So when I got home I checked my body and found little bugs crawling all over me. I immediately jumped into the shower and scrubbed and washed my hair. But upon getting out I saw that there were still many on me. I, and later my sister, assumed they were ticks which you would think would drive me nuts but I have had tick infestations before on me so it didn't freak me out too much. So I just started tweezing them off and then made my sister come help. They were pretty easy to get off and we got all that we could find then I headed to bed thinking I was good to go. But when I woke up the next day I found a few more and my mom had to come help get some off. And I was starting to break out in these red large itchy bumps. Jon was made aware of the situation the previous night and by the time we got together to furniture shop he still hadn't found any on him. But we warned our friends we had hung out with so they could check themselves too just in case the problem wasn't just me.

Later that night after dinner I found a few more and the itching and bumps were getting worse. I woke up halfway through the night soo itchy and couldn't sleep because of it. I was beginning to think they weren't ticks because I had never heard of ticks leaving behind itchy itchy bumps. I semi zoned out after rubbing toothpaste all over the parts that itched the most.

But then Jon woke me up, texting me saying that he found some on him and would be late to church. I called him and go the low down. He woke up that night all itchy and finally got up and checked himself. He found a tick and then some more. He googled the problem and found out that we had seed ticks. You can read about them here. Basically they are baby ticks that are more annoying than dangerous. He also didn't get much sleep and was still finding them this morning. So we both decided no church because we not only had to take care of the problem but we were itching like crazy people. I called our friends again to give them the heads up and found out they also found tons of ticks on them eventually. It seemed to take everybody else a bit of time because they are so small you can barely notice them but once you see one you can spot the rest. Perhaps I had more or something because I noticed them pretty fast. So now all of us are vacuuming, doing loads of laundry, checking ourselves constantly, and trying our hardest not to itch the bumps. Did I mention I am also extremely tired?

And can I just say that BOY DO I LOOK UGLY TODAY!!! Kinda like a monster.

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  1. that is just PURE crazy... yuck yuck yuck... i dont even want to think about it. now i am all itchy inside