Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day One Of Trip To San Fran

For now my blog will be my trip journal of sorts. Sorry for all the useless information.

I barely got out of work "on time" today, burnt my tongue eating lunch quickly, got to the airport too early for a domestic flight, and realized I should have just eaten subway at the airport. This would have avoided the burnt tongue and filled up the two hours. Instead I read a too short magazine and listened to the phone conversations and video games of those women around me who had no sense of public courtesy.

First half of flight went well. It was short and I read through it. Then I was at the airport with no clue on how to waste 2 hours. Soon I realize it was the airport with:

and sought out a delicious carmel apple to take with me to San Fran.

Then I pass a little spa and after consulting with my husband that it was okay, I went and did this.

My job is horrible on my hands and nails and I always said I would get my nails done sometime when I would be on a vacation so I could enjoy having them done. That was finally accomplished. One finger is a tiny bit messed up already but that is typical for me I guess. Which is another reason I don't often get my nails done. I am too OCD for such a task.

The North Caroline airport has great places to eat  but I didn't get any food because I thought we were being fed on the airplane. Turns out that isn't the case so I had to purchase some food on the flight. Not too badly priced and the food was actually delicious so that turned out better than expected.

I love to people watch and the only person to watch on the flight was a young man sitting diagonally to me. I noticed him because he was dressed in the whole casual jeans with a button down shirt with a hat with converses getup! As I watched him throughout the flight, trying to figure him out, I noticed two things. He might do something related to education, and he drinks a lottt. He drank alcohol, soda, coffee, etc. etc. almost the whole 5 hour flight. Holy moly! And he certainly didn't go to the bathroom often enough for all that. And he was probably drunk by the time he got off the flight. At one point he asked me if I was the person he was talking to in the back of the plain. Um no, I hadn't even moved from my seat. So it was dark, but i'm still guessing I either had a twin on that flight or he was a bit tipsy. Or it was a super awful way to try and start up a convo with me.

The flight felt super long. It sort of was I guess, being that it was 5+ hours. I slept a bit but forced myself to wake up when I got uncomfortable and knew I was just destroying myself by sleeping too much. I got tons read today on my flights which is quite the accomplishment for me. Before this year, I always got distracted and hardly got anything read on flights. I might actually meet my 25 book goal this year.

I got in late...super late on east coast time. Husband is super tired but was nice enough to meet me at the airport. He flew out on a much earlier flight. He is asleep now as I type away. I am excited for sleep to and want to rest up before tackling San Fran all by myself tomorrow. I am already a little apprehensive. But I am determined to do this!

Our hotel is a pretty nice Hyatt. I will have to take pictures of it tomorrow (at husbands request). I love hotels so I will enjoy this. Oh and it has a gift shop. I LOVEEE gift shops. I don't buy much but I love browsing. Can't wait.


  1. I love San Francisco. I hope you had a great time. It is such a beautiful city!

  2. Love the color you chose for your nails. :)

    I also love people watching - Enjoy your trip!