Friday, October 8, 2010

Ohhh yeah. Duh!!

I had a big duh moment yesterday. I was using software to make a book and I was getting ticked that my computer was having issues supporting the program. It was being very slow and it would not save. I tried so many times to save it and it just would not work. My husband could tell by how vocal I was being that I was getting very upset. He offered to help and my response was "There is nothing you can do. It just won't save." Being the amazing husband he is, he comes over and helps me anyways. And he solved the problem in two seconds. How? Well the part where I was waiting for it to start saving was actually the screen where you type in the file name. As soon as he entered in the file name and pressed enter, it saved. Just like that. And there I was just staring at the screen waiting for it to do something. I felt like the biggest idiot ever to walk this planet. I've never been so embarrassed around my husband.

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