Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Favorite Possessions In October

I think I received this as a gift one year and thought it was a strange color and one I would never use. But the other week I pulled it out to test and now I love it. Such a great fall color. Sadly, the bottle does not include the name of the color but I highly recommend any nail polish color similar to this one.
Update: I just realized that the picture kind of makes this polish look like it's a shade of red. It is actually a shade of brown. 

Marshalls purchase this year. Much more comfortable than I thought they would be. 

New York City China Town purchase last year. I always get lots of compliments on this purse.

DSW clearance purchase with a gift card last year.


  1. Can totally see why you get compliments on that bag- gorgeous!! :)

  2. I saw that purse! The other day. In Napa. I want one! Would that make me a total copycat?

  3. It's okay to copycat when the item is amazing. And this purse is amazing so you should get yourself one.