Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I laughed when I received an email last night that said the following :

A tornado watch remains in effect until 3 am edt wednsday for the following areas: D.C., Maryland, the
entire northern VA area....

It may sound serious to you but we never get tornadoes* in my immediate area, just tornado warning, and we usually receive these emails when there is a very bad storm going on or when we can tell it is about to start. But there wasn't a hint of rain last night when we went to bed. My husband even googled it to see if it was true.  The information he found said that severe storms were hitting the Midwest, which is not where we live. So we laughed it off and forgot about it. And 3 am passed and if it rained, we didn't wake up...

But then 5:30 hit and we were both jolted awake by the loudest noise I have ever heard coming from outside. It was raining cats and dogs and horses and cows. The rain was soooo loud. And it went on for a good period of time and neither one of us could fall asleep during it, which is unusual because we both sleep pretty well during rain storms. I have never heard anything like it. So I wont be surprised it someone tells me today that we had a tornado pass by close to us last night. Though the chances of it are slim. 

Despite the sleep interruption, and crazy loud noises, I am thankful it rained. Because that means we didn't get snow. Which means I can laugh at the people in Utah who have been waking up to a white ground in October.

*That statement is not completely accurate. I think there was a tornado close to where I live once before. I was at college though and it was far enough away that my family could watch it without being in danger.  Call me crazy but I was actually mad when I found out I had missed it.

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  1. I secretly LOVE tornadoes and want to see one in real life.