Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Happenings

This past Sunday was mine and my hubbys one year anniversary. Our Europe trip was in celebration of our anniversary, so between that and his brother being in town this weekend, we didn't do too much to celebrate it. We did manage, despite me being ill, to make it to Olive Garden Saturday night, and it was pretty good. Next time you go, get one of their new lemonades. They are soo good. We also hung out late Sunday night for a few hours, relaxed, and played a super long game of war. It was nice to just chill alone together without the television or computers on. That doesn't happen often.

Our biggest event of the weekend was the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This is our second year going and it was really fun despite the fact that I didn't feel well. We pretty much pay 18$ a person and walk around this village filled with music, comedy shows, jousting, stores, food stands, and other fun things to do and watch.We usually stop to listen to some live music for a bit and then spend the rest of the time watching jousting and looking through the shops.Oh and we also love stopping to watch the glass maker who usually demonstrates how to make a goblet. Despite the hefty price we pay for doing what may seem like so little, we love it. It is especially fun for people like me who love to people watch because oh boy are there some interesting people there. For anybody that has the slightest interest in the Renaissance Era, I highly recommend going.

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