Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Hate Mondays Too

Facebookers are always updating their statuses about how Monday sucks. And yeah it is lame to have to get back into the work week but I am not sure I ever had the same hateful passion towards Mondays...until now. Yesterday was such a horrible day with the only break being when I got to spend time with my family.

I hit a truck and thus had my first real accident ever. I went home and cried, of course. Then we had to move a bunch of stuff. AND I HATE MOVING (If I lived in hell, I would rather stay there than move. That's how much I hate it).  And then I randomly got sick  (I swear I was just sick a couple months ago. I usually get one real bad sick spell a year and that's it. Marriage has made me a sicko) and had a terrible terrible terrible nights sleep. So now I am sick and yet have a list of things I need to do and I know I wont do. Oh and we are out of milk and have nothing in the house for a sick girl to eat. And I feel bad because I forgot to let my dad borrow the GPS. I don't usually forget things. I have just been so scatterbrained lately with everything.

Welp now that I have complained, I think a shower is in order. And if I can convince myself driving is worth it, I think I might go get a smoothie.  Robeks, anybody?

P.S. Thank you for the well wishes on the move. I hate moving too. It's absolutely too much work. If I had it my way I would never ever move. But if you live in Virginia and ever need help moving, be sure to let me know. I hate moving but I don't mind helping others do it.

Lets just all hop on a plane right now and meet up in Hawaii. I could use some sunshine.
What does this picture have to do with Hawaii, you might ask?  Each state was allowed to give the United States Capital two statues to represent their state. This is Hawaii's. By far the coolest looking one I saw.


  1. 1. ROEBECKS?? Yes, please.
    2. You need to send me your new address at some point.

  2. seriously....i am sick too and there is no food I feel like I am starving!!!
    Sorry to hear about your crash are you ok?
    Hope your move goes well. we are actually in the process of moving as well...but I love it...hehe!
    I miss talking to you!!