Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Random Girls Wedding

Life is a bit crazy lately. Family is in town, we are in the process of moving (see pics below), and I have a few big life events up in the air right now (like a job).

This room may still look messy and crowded, but there was already a lot cleaned out.

So sick of boxes.

So to help keep my stress level down, I want to share with you a link to one of the prettiest Mormon weddings I have ever seen. It is a good thing I am not rich and that I can't have a second wedding (renew the vows ceremony are just not the same and I haven't been married long enough) because oh goodness do I want a wedding like this. So envious. This girl has got major style.


  1. Have fun moving - I hate the way cardboard boxes SMELL. Hate moving.

    And..that wedding? Can you imagine the PRICE TAG on that thing?! Gorgeous but I would rather be a guest than the girl who organized it all or the parents who paid the bill!