Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coupon Fascination

Last night I got my weekly email from Harrit Teeters and got super excited. Why? Because they are trippling coupouns this week. And though I am about out of grocery money and didn't plan on shopping much this month, I decided I could spare a few more dollars for this event. So I started searching for coupons that would be valuable for me, coupons for items that we normally use. And I found some great ones but needless to say I should have done that today and not last night as it was already about 1 a.m. Anyways, it hits about 2:30 a.m. and I finally finish finding coupons and head to bed. But I couldn't sleep. My mind couldn't stop thinking about dinner and coupons. Then a bit before 4 I started dreaming about coupons and how my husband had to do the shopping and I was scared he would mess up with the coupons and not get the great prices.

But because my hubby finally came to bed about that time (poor guy is working way too much lately) I started to wake up as I do whenever he makes noice in the room. As I was very slowly waking up I was thinking "it will all be fine. I just need to tell him exactly what do to with the coupons." Then he proceeded to finish waking me up because I was taking up half the bed and I said "what. I fell asleep facing the other way." It wierded me out because I tend to think I don't roll too much in my sleep yet within an hour I had rolled to my other side (I can't fall asleep unless I am on my left side facing the wall) and was taking up half the bed. I am not sure if it's really significant but it did shock me at 4 in the morning for some strange reason. Then I couldn't sleep so I moved to the couch, then I fell asleep, then I woke up and had to move to my bed again. So needless to say it was an interesting night.

The moral of this whole story for me is that once it hits midnight, even if my mind is racing with things to do, and even if im excited about coupons, I should just put a stop to it and relax instead. That way when it's time to sleep I am not still trying to think of ways to save money on groceries.

Oh the joys of grown up life.

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