Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyday Is The Weekend For Me

I just bought a coupon from groupon to get 150$ worth of hair services for 45$. So happy. You should check to see if groupon services your city because they often have random great deals for entertainment, food, spas, and gyms.

I went shopping with my sister today so she could get some spring clothes from Forever 21. I had more luck than she did but didn't end up buying anything I found. The piece of clothing I wanted the most was this but in a darker gray color :

It fit super well, was comfortable, and the neck part could be worn in two different fashions, but my sister talked me out of it because she claimed it was cool but not cool enough for its price. And she stated that we are hitting the warmer weather so why spend my money on buying a piece of winter clothing that wasn't even on sale. So I bought her argument and put it back. But if it was 10 dollars cheaper I think I would have really regreted leaving it behind. The two other pieces of clothing were my weakness pieces, otherwise known as excercise pants and t-shirts. After deciding not to get the jacket though, they were easy to leave behind. I've just gotta keep telling myself that I need to save my money for skirts, dresses, and sandles.

My other big accomplishment for today: making salmon. When I mentioned it to some friends they were quick to tell me how hard it was to cook, which I trust is true, but I went for it any ways and succeed. My fear of the horrible fishy smell taking over our apartment didn't even happen.


Just had to get that out. Our window is open and it feels and smells wonderful.

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