Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do I Just Not Pay My Taxes???

I have always wanted to turn my blog into a story about my old job but never felt it was appropriate and if any potential employer found it, I probably would never be hired. But let me tell you one situation I am dealing with right now that will illustrate just what craziness I had and apparently still have to deal with.

I knew I needed to get my w-2 but knew that if it was mailed to my company and the ex boss was out of town (as he often was for months on end) it would never get forwarded to me. Despite this, I took a chance and emailed my ex boss. But just as a precaution I called the payroll company and left a message about my w-2. I didn't hear back on either end so I sent the payroll company an email a day or two later.

Later that day I received a phone call from the head of the payroll company who I had talked to several times while I worked at my old job. He said that he had gotten my messages and that he would be willing to give me my w-2 but that he had to get permission from my now ex boss to give it to me (LAME RULE). He also said that even if my ex boss was out of town, he is unsure of why he has not forwarded me my w-2 as it is in electronic form, which means it was sent to his email. My ex boss always checks his emails even while he is out of the country and yet he still can't forward me my w-2?

It has been multiple days since that phone call and no word from my boss yet. He is getting emails from two different parties and yet can't seem to respond.

In my bitter state I see three potential outcomes of this situation:

1. The ex boss reappears and responds the night before the taxes are due with some lame excuse of why it took him so long.
2. I hunt him down and ruin his life until he hands over my w-2.
3. I call the IRS and tell on him and they hunt him down and ruin his life for me.

And even though ruining his life almost seems appealing at the moment, I really just want him to forward me my w-2 so I can pay my taxes in peace.

Other theories:

-He closed down the company and shut down his email to hide from disgruntle customers.
-He is on the run and doesn't want to leave the trail.
-He is dead, perhaps a death related to suspecious activity.
-He is hiding from the IRS cause he doesn't want to pay his taxes.

Do you have any theories for me??

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  1. No theories - but your ex-boss LEGALLY had to get your W-2 to you by the end of January. Hm....

    Our W-2s were a nightmare to track down, as we had four companies to contact and had moved twice within the year. Fuuuuun.