Wednesday, March 17, 2010


always burn myself in the kitchen.

I got the eggs home today after a long treck and then dropped them on the floor of my house breaking many of them. Then as I proceeded to save the rest I ended up breaking a few more.

I had a dream last night about killer transformers (and I don't even like the Transformer movies that much). As I was kissing the guy who saved me he turned into my cousin and I decided it was wrong to kiss my cousin. But just barely. I dream strange things.

I love sharing food with people, even stuff I don't make myself. But if I made it and they don't tell me it's good I sometimes get sad.

Speaking of which, if I destroy a dish I often get upset for the rest of the night. Part of it is because it annoys me. The other part of it is that I hate wasting things.

Last but not least, I have something against people that waste napkins. Just ask my friend Elizabeth and my husband. They have both heard the no wasting napkins lecture from me.

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  1. You know what? I like to cook things for other people and when they tell me it's good I don't believe them...but I always expect them to say it's good.