Monday, March 8, 2010

Good News Moment

Good new for the Federal & State Government: I can file my taxes because I finally got my w-2.Pretty much everyone made some little mistake that caused everybody else to think I already had it or something like that. Including me. I sent an email to the wrong person without realizing it. Woops!

Good news for my family: My dad is now bishop and is finally getting a much needed full time job. This is very good news but its a bit of a long story so I think I will tell it a bit later. But this also means that between his county job, his new job, and his calling (unpaid church position) he will never ever be home with my mom. But we are still happy about all the changes.

Good news for my brain: I have finished at least 6 books already this year.

Good news for Jon: I am beginning to enjoy children. Though nursery sometimes goes by so slow and though I get annoyed often (especially at the parents. Don't even get me started...), I still enjoy it. I also love my nephew. He is sooooo cute. So maybe I will want kids sooner than I thought. Maybe....

Good news for Harris Teeters: I used to hate this grocery store with a passion and said that even though it was the closet grocery store I would never go there. But now they get a lot of my money. Though I still dislike a few things about it, nothing can beat their buy one get one free deals I often find on items I need. For example, Jon likes juice. I hate buying it because it can be expensive if you are going through a thing or two of it a week. But this week the brand I like, and that hasn't been on sale anywhere in a while, was on a buy one get one free sale so I most certainly stocked up. I also got chips, something I prefer more than Jon, on the same sale. And that is why I like Harris Teeters, not to mention that they have a great coupon policy that often saves me lots of money.


  1. TAXES: Good for you, but you reminded me that I need to get off my lazy butt and do my taxes. Crap.

    FAMILY: Oh, the good old Sterling Park Ward...

    BRAIN: What books? I've only managed 2 (non-school) books so far.. but I am always looking for suggestions! I hope to get a lot of reading done on my commute this summer.

    JON: NO!!! You aren't allowed to have babies... because, err, I said so.

    HARRIS TEETERS: Why do I not know this? It sounds like some odd mom-and-pop general store in Leesburg. I am a Wegmans fan, all the way.


  2. You probably already know all about my love for HT but yes I am with you there.

  3. sounds so wonderful!!!! Yay about the taxes!!!! The grocery store part was funny!!!