Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost Symbol

At the moment, I am reading Dan Brown's book The Lost Symbol. As I read it, I often wonder if some of the things he talks about are true and usually come to the conclusion that he makes much of it up to make the story more interesting. I am not talking about the general plot but the places, statues, pictures, etc., that are referenced within the story. So tonight I spend a few minutes looking up a couple of the things I could remember off the top of my head that I had disregarded.

Welll....according to Wikipedia, Dan Brown is telling the truth about much of it, including this statue and this painting. Maybe I'm just ignorant but in my defense, I was suppose to visit the Capital this past Thanksgiving but we couldn't go in because of a bomb scare and did not have time to wait until it was over as we had a private tour set up at another historical site. And the story that is evolving around said items is pretty darn crazy and would make anyone question the reality of anything talked about in the book. But now I am interested more than ever to visit the Capital.

I can't say for sure whether the book is amazing or not as I am not that far into it, but I can say I do recommend it, if only for the random bits of historical knowledge that are spattered throughout the book.


  1. you should copy and paste this in the sisters review blog!!!

  2. Dan Brown's mixture of fact, fiction, and conspiracy theory always amazes me. I'm quite a fan of how clever he is in tying things together. I'll have to check this one out. :-)