Sunday, March 21, 2010

Logan I Dedicate This To You

Right before we had the major ant issue my husband went out and checked the mail. He came in and stated that I had a package. My mind went racing trying to remember what I had bought online and forgotten about. But it was from Logan and I was completely taken off guard. After all the kitchen trouble I was able relax and open it. My little package included all the following goodies:
A mixed cd, bathtub dice, a necklace, blowpops, gum, rice krispie treats, Skittles and a fun little card. Based on this package, I would say Logan knows me very very well.

Thank you Logan. You are the best!

Me with one of the blow pops in D.C.

In D.C. again. I went to a protest so what better thing to wear then the patriotic necklace Logan gave me sometime last year.

Luckily she is coming to visit in a few months so she can physically go with me on my day trips which is way better than her just being there in spirit.

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