Monday, July 13, 2009


I had a great weekend but before I give an update on it, I would like to tell a quick story. Me and Jon had been a bit concerned about finding a wedding band to match my engagement ring. He bought a ring that did not have a matching band. When we went back to the store he bought my ring at, they showed us some bands that would match it okay but the price was upwards to two thousand. We did not want to spend that much and decided that before we took that plunge we would look around. We went to the Dulles mall this past weekend because they have a bunch of shops all in one location. The first one we hit up only had two options. One was too thin though so really there was only one option. I knew we should get it if we found nothing else as the price was good and it looked decent enough with my ring, but I can't say I was super thrilled about it. So we went to another store that ended up having absolutely no options. We were looking for an eternity band or something similar to it. We needed a decent amount of the ring to be covered in diamonds in order for it to match my engagement ring as my ring has a pattern all along the side. We were told at every place that most stores do not sell rings that like anymore. We happened to go into one place though and told them all. What we were looking for, what problems we had run into, etc. The sales lady was like "we have an eternity band." She cleaned both and I tried them on and they looked almost perfect together, considering our past options. Apparently someone had special ordered it and then it did not end up working for them which is why it happened to be in the store at the time. And even better was that it was the size I needed. It would not have been a problem to special order it by any means but it was nice that we got a discount for not having to special order it.

I had been stressing about the band. We had allotted a big chunk of time for us to check out bands on Saturday knowing that we might struggle with it. In the end it took us less than an hour, we found the perfect band so I did not have to settle, and for a considerably cheaper price than we could have ended up spending. His band also ended up being a really good price (every place was cheaper then the place before. So weird), though we did end up having to special order his. I am so thankful for these small blessings we have gotten from our Heavenly Father in our wedding planning. I am not an optimistic planner with weddings and always overestimate how much everything could cost and always freak out about having enough money but we have been so blessed in finding ways to save money.

The rest of the weekend was great too. Friday, Jon and I went up to Georgetown for our anniversary. We just walked around window shopped, ate at Clydes, and got cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes. I had heard how good their cupcakes were and just had to test them for myself. They for sure lived up to their name. Soo delicious. And I have to give a public thanks to Jon for his gifts to me. I love surprises and they were a great surprise. Thankfully he claims he likes my gift.

Saturday we hit up Bed Bath and Beyond before going to the mall. After we had figured out our wedding bands he decided he was too tired to do any more wedding stuff so we went and chilled before getting dinner at Chipotle (yum) and going to Stake Conference. After that we went to our friends house to see their new apartment and to watch Ghost Town. They have a great apartment and the movie ended up being way funnier than I thought it would be. After that Me and Jon stayed up way too late to watch the season finale of Harpers Island which was soooo great. I will miss that show. Sunday was stake conference, long nap, and good meals with our families. I decided that beyond working on Jons side of the wedding list, we were taking a break from weddings planning and just relaxing for the day.

Enough about my weekend. To close this post I want to chat about one last thing. The Bridal Registry. As I have been working on the registry I decided to take the approach that I would look at each product, check out the quality and the price, and than choose which one I wanted. I did not choose the cheapest items, not the most expensive, but those in the middle. Items of good quality without spending massive amounts of money. Who knows if I will get those items but at least I tried. This doesn't mean I wont be thankful for whatever I get because I will. Heck you could buy me about anything and I would love it. But I decided that at least on my registry I was not going to ask for the cheapest items just because I felt like I needed to. I wanted to ask for items that I knew would last for a decent amount of time so we didn't have to worry about replacing things anytime in the near future. Hopefully nobody looks at it and wonders about me and how much I spend on things though. Ah the worries.

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  1. sounds like such a fun weekend totally busy but a l ot of fun!!! Yay i would be tired of shopping too after all that ring shopping. But atleast you found one!!