Friday, July 10, 2009

How Did I

manage to get strawberry jelly all over the part of the chair where the cushion meets the armrest, and not notice it until I stuck my hand into it? And how did I manage to get it on all over the chair and not get it on myself? What was I doing with my sandwich?

Anyways Happy 1 Year Anniversary to me and Jon. I love him soo much. I think we are going to celebrate it by going to Georgetown tonight. Did I mention this is my first anniversary celebration ever. And Jon's too I believe.

Wedding wise we have a busy weekend. We have to go ring shopping and go to Bed Bath and Beyond and do a few other things all tomorrow and still fit in Stake Conference and the finale of Harper's Island. I'm kinda excited. Kinda not. At least we have hardly anything to do on Sunday so we can rest. I have started our guest book. I am making a book to be published. Its so fun but so addicting. These small fun projects for the wedding are causing me to lose a lot of sleep at night. Hopefully it will all turn out as planned and be well worth it.

Me and Jon met up with my brother and Sister-in-law to see Transformers last night. My dad was able to get us free tickets to the Imax for the air and space museums celebration. They were celebrating the fact that part of the movie, in fact one of the funniest parts of the movie, was filmed there. They had free food before hand but me and Jon missed it (sad to find out they had free smoothies and gelato there too) but we were given some sweets after the movie ended (no eating in the theater unfortunately).

As for Transformers I was expecting the worse. For me the first transformers movie was an okay one time movie. Not a favorite but did liked Shia LaBeouf's performance enough. Anyways when I did not think the first one was amazing I usually don't care to see a second one. I also did not hear the greatest things about the second one. It ended up being better than I thought minus the following : Plot was too complicated and they spoke way to fast. I missed much of the story line. The ending was a let down. So anti climatic for me though I wont say why because I don't want to spoil the movie. Finally Megan Fox. Dude I get shes hot but this is suppose to be an action movie. Not a movie about how hot Megan Fox is. Were they so scared people wouldn't like their movie that they needed to keep the viewers attention with her body? In a chick flick they do the whole still shot of the guys body just a few times. In transformers they did it with her about a gazillion times. Ridiculous. Oh and lets not forget the crude humor and swearing. Way too much swearing in it. It almost sounds like I hate the movie but I promise you I dont. So have any of you seen it and what did you think?


  1. hmm sounds like it isn't my kind of movie... i would just be mad the whole time. and that is SWEET that you got to see it in an IMAX. that is my dream someday. Man sounds like you are super duper busy!! Good luck with everything and Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Aww have fun in Georgetown if you go. I love just walking around there and window shopping.