Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am starting BC finally. Can not tell you how unexcited I am for this but hopefully all goes well.

For anyone who doesn't already know I have extremely small hands. With small hands and skinny arms comes very small wrists. Just below 6 inches to be exact. Which means I technically wear a kids size for bracelet. This also means that I can hardly ever find bracelets that fit and this has been a big problem during my wedding. I finally decided on asking someone on ETSY to make me one. They will not be real pearls but they are not those gaudy fake looking ones either. But even with that, I realized that between my dress and my super small wrists, the two bracelets that I love the most will not promise to look good and thus I can't buy them. I might have to compromise and not get exactly what I want from her and just be happy that I found a way that I can get any type of pearl bracelet in my size. Stupid cute wrists. Evidence right there that its not always fun to be thing and petite.

I am making a lot of compromises for this wedding. The good thing is I usually begin to like whatever I choose enough that it stops mattering to me.

Final bad news: Apparently when I bought my wedding band my finger was having a fat day because I noticed when I tried it on later that it was too big. When I went and picked up Jons band I had them size it (something we forgot to do for some dumb reason. Probably b/c it seemed to fit). It was a whole size bigger than it should have been. And its not sizable. Hopefully they can get it in a different size for us so that I can keep this particular ring because I love it and I don't want to ring shop again. Either way I am thankful still that we found it. At least we know there is hope out there for me.

My life summed up : So many decisions. So much time. So little patience.

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