Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Kissing Scenes

I am a sucker for good chick flicks and an even bigger sucker for good kissing scenes. In return for watching Harper's Island, my sister asked me to watch My Girl. My Girl is a Korean Show about a girl who pretends to be this grandfathers long lost granddaughter. It was a bit on the humorous side & Asian humor is not exactly my cup of tea but it still managed to make me laugh enough that I quite enjoyed the experience. The casting was also awesome and it managed to strike the "dreamy I want this to happen to me" nerve, which hasn't happened in a while.

My favorite scene is :

which will mean nothing to you unless you have seen the show. But I promise you, its great. Perhaps my fascination with this scene is that physical contact does not seem to happen much in Asian shows. Not sure why. I also love it because I am the type of person who can watch a whole season of a show just to see the characters hook up.

A few of my all time favorite kissing scenes are in Invincible, What A Girl Wants, Mary Kate and Ashley Winning London (1 of a hundred reasons why I don't make friends easily..."so you remember that scene in Mary Kate and Ashley..."), and a Walk to Remember. Don't ask me why those are my favorite, they just are. My selection totally makes me sound like I am stuck in high school though. Oh well.

One element that often makes or breaks a kissing scene for me is the emotion involved & how long its taken the characters to come together. The longer they chase each other and the more emotional they are, the more I love it.

What are your favorite kissing scenes? What is your favorite part of chick flicks?

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