Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy Engagement Pictures

There are two important elements of a wedding for me. Food and good photography. We have not chosen our photographer yet but both of our options live out of state. Thus we had to find someone else to do our engagements. I decided that I did not want to spend the money on a professional for our engagements as we could make up for them with the quality of our wedding day pictures. So we tasked my sister with it. She hates photographing people but I knew that making her do some photo shoots with us would help her develop her skills a bit more (even if she doesn't believe it). And I knew that all we really needed was 1 or 2 really good pictures to send out and if we took tons we were destined to get those 1 or 2. The results are as follows:

Because of the following

-the fact that Jon and I tend to close our eyes or make funny faces but never at the same time
-not one of us had a clue of how to pose me and Jon
-the lighting was a bit hard to work with in one of our locations
-I forgot a piece to one of my outfits and thus had to wear the same outfit the whole time
-my sister not having all the professional equipment as its just a hobby for her

we got the following

- 2 to 3 pictures that have engagement potential
- a bunch of pictures of me and Jon just looking strange as always
- a handful of hysterical pictures (make me cry they are so funny pictures)
- some really cute but not engagement pictures
- some awesome facebook profile pictures
- pictures that capture our personality a lot more than some professionally done engagement pictures do

Yes I do love looking at professionally done engagement pictures. Some almost make me drool. But I have learned in this wedding process that some things I need to loosen up on so that I can get exactly what I want in other areas. Will I regret this down the road? Doubt it! I believe that the memories we made, the moments we captured, and the laughter had afterwards as we looked through them will make up for any lack of quality in our engagement pictures. And all I really want and care about is amazing pictures from our wedding festivities.

Well now that I have most of the fun stuff out of the way with wedding planning on to the more grueling stuff....

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