Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I think I am...

getting sick

going to buy this shirt. (let you know tomorrow if I do)

in love with wedding blogs...well blogs in general

going to want lots of clorox wipes or lysol wipes when I'm married so if anybody wants to buy a bunch Id love them


  1. why do you want that T-shirt?? I hope you are not getting sick, maybe from staying up so late all the time, and yes weddings and blogs... fun stuff! why do you want a lot of cleaning stuff??

  2. I want it because I need a new t-shirt and I love anchors and I just love what it means. Plus I love the color. And its only 12$.

    I like the wipes because they are easy and I can temporarily clean stuff like desks, sinks,etc. when I don't have time to deep clean.