Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Benihana Birthday Deal

If there is a Benihana around where you live, you should check out their birthday club, The Chef's Table. They give out coupons for your birthday, good for the whole month, worth $30.

We took advantage of the offer for my birthday and tried out the restaurant for the first time. I had heard good reviews of this restaurant and was looking forward too it. My opinion boils down to the following: it was good and fun, but not the best steak house I have been too. The hubby said his chicken was a bit dry but I find that is usually how the chicken is. That is why I always get steak. My steak was maybe a bit overcook. Our waitress was an older grandma like lady. She was nice but not a good waitress so there were some ordering problems on our table that were not taken care of properly. And our drinks took forever to get refilled. Our chef was friendly and fun but the "show" was not as spectacular as other Japanese steak houses. It also didn't help that our table lacked engaging people.

As for price, it was perfect for us. The hubby's birthday is also in November so he had a birthday coupon too. We got a $60+ meal for only $5 (Not including tip. Yes, we tipped on the original price). But I don't think I would ever go without a coupon.

I think this restaurant has potential. It wasn't the best but it wasn't a bust. With different staff serving us, it might have been better. Either way, this is a great deal for a birthday. And it is an even better deal if the person that accompanies you also has a birthday that same month.

Today, I am thankful for work days that go relatively smoothly. Yesterday was horrific. Today went much better.

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