Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Photo

This picture was taken when my brother and his wife came to town. My younger sister looks disconnected from the rest of us because she was the one taking the picture. It was set on a timer but she kept having to run up to us and figure out where she was suppose to stand. It didn't help that she was the lonely one out. But that is what happens when all your kids are close together but one. Someday, Laura. Someday!

I think it turned out pretty good considering there was no dress code and we had to rush to take it. Pretty colors at least. Too bad my arms look awkward.

Here are some of just me and Jon.

I will never deny that we are very strange people.

Today, I am thankful for cameras. Where would we be without them? Blogs would be so boring. Memories would be forgotten. Random moments would be lost in time. 

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