Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

Today, I am thankful for fun experiences and good times.

Saturday, my friend Amanda and I went to The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show. The show consisted of cooking demonstrations, tasting and entertaining workshops, celebrity presentations, celebrity events, and a hundred or so vendors that showed off their products.

Amanda and I went around to the vendors, tasted tested products, got free samples, and bought some of our favorite items. We also got to see Paula Deen live. It was sooo fun. Paula Deen didn't actually do much cooking. Her husband and another chef cooked up some stuffing, a turkey, and sweet potato cakes, while she mostly just gabbed. But she was sooo hilarious and fun that it was amazingly awesome. She is better than any comedy show. I wouldn't say I learned tons about cooking from her but I don't think I would have had it any other way.

Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray were also in attendance but you had to pay to go to every individual show and Paula Deen was our main choice. That and Rachael Ray was only around on Sunday which we couldn't have done. And while I am sure that the people who attended their events had a great time, there is no way they were as entertaining as Paula Deen.

As for the taste testing, we tasted cupcakes, pumpkin breads, rolls, cheese straws, olive oils, a thousand different bbq sauces, etc. My first thought was why would anybody want to spend the day taste testing olive oils. But then we had some spare time before the show so we went to one of the vendors booths. And let me tell you, taste testing olive oils is amazing. They had a jalapeno olive oil that was a close to perfection as you could get. I didn't buy any because olive oil isn't cheap but I do regret it. With all the money I did spend, I should have sucked it up and got me some amazing olive oil for dipping bread. I enjoyed taste testing the bbq sauces for about the first hour but then it gets to the point where they all begin to taste the same and you can't really taste anything that isn't as powerful as it. So I stopped overwhelming my taste buts and began to enjoy everything else. Like the pickled vegetables. Oh yum.

They have had this event every year for about 4 years and I can't imagine why it won't happen again next year. So we are already planning to attend again. Everybody should come with. It will totally be worth your time...and money!

Of course we had to take a picture by her picture.

This was Amanda's box of rice she won. I thought the word so clearly displayed on it made for a good description of our day.

We were a ways away from the stage so the best picture I could get was a picture of the screen.

Up next I will talk about some of my favorite vendors that were in attendance.

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