Monday, November 15, 2010

My Favorite Vendors from The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

In no particular order here are my favorite vendors from the show (I have attached their website link to their names for many of these vendors just in case you want to check them out):

1. Gabriel's Desserts- The owner of this bakery is related to Paula Deen but we didn't know that until after we decided we loved them so no bias here. We taste tested the pumpkin bread early on in the day and decided we just had to buy a loaf of it. I bought two loafs of the bread and Amanda got one loaf of it as well as a loaf of the cran orange. They are an Atlanta city based restaurant and  bakery but do ship. Another popular item at the show, with Paula's recommendation, were the red velvet cupcakes. They were tempting to buy but I resisted.

2. Pork Barrel BBQ - Two guys own this company and they started it out of their home. Their sauce is pretty darn good. I ended up purchasing a bottle of one of their Sweet BBQ sauce.

3. The Perfect Pita - They were selling hummus at the event. I enjoyed tasting the different flavors and especially loved the jalapeno hummus. I ended up purchasing the roasted red pepper, or something like that, for my mom. The Perfect Pita is actually an eatery (or restaurant. Not sure what the technical term for this sort of place would be) where you can go and get fresh pita sandwiches. They have many locations in the area and I think I want to go try their food out sometime.

4.Cabot Produce - they were there promoting their cheese and boy was it good. We didn't do much cheese tasting so I don't have much to compare it to but I did really enjoy it. I even tried a horse radish cheese and wow was it strong.

5. Hello Cupcake - They made mini cupcakes for taste testing. They were really cute. We tried cookies and creme and it was good. Maybe not as amazing as Georgetown cupcakes but close enough. They are located in D.C.

6. Nephew - I purchased their Gostly Pumpkin BBQ Sauce. I thought it was somewhat original and delicious.

7. Grill Master Chuck - I also purchased one of his BBQ sauces. It was a hard decision but I ended up going with the Smokin' Chipotle BBQ Sauce. He was a friendly guy and had a lot of variety of flavors. He also sold dry rubs.

8. JD Gourmet - This is the vendor that had the jalapeno oil I was talking about in my previous post. Maybe someday I will splurge and buy some.

9. Tillen Farms - They specialize in pickled vegetables. If I hadn't already had so much to carry I probably would have gotten myself a bottle of their pickled asparagus. I am planning on purchasing these as a Christmas gift for someone that I happen to know loves pickled things. I might just have to treat myself sometime too.

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