Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great American Restaurants

If you live in the area, or the next time you visit, you have to go to a GAR restaurant. They are mainly, and perhaps only, in the Northern Virginia Region.

GAR restaurants include:

Jackson's (Has the best deviled eggs ever)
Sweetwater Tavern
Mike's American
Coastal Flats
Best Buns

Of those I mainly eat at Sweetwater because it is close to where I live. But I have been to a few others and each one I have been too is exeptionally good.

I gave my dad a gift card to Sweetwater and he took my mom there the other night. My mom isn't often impressed with restaurants. In fact, she usually just prefers salad bars. Haha! But that night she calls me and raves about Sweetwater. She said she was extremely surprised and impressed. That the meal was delicious and that they really knew what they were doing. I just said "Duh! That's why I go there all the time with Elizabeth (my friend. not myself)."

Great food! Excellent service! Great quality! What more could you ask for?

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