Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Parties

When I started working at my job at the beginning of November, they were already talking about and getting excited for the Christmas party. I could kind of tell this party was taken seriously. Secret Santa worksheets were filled out with our wants, likes, and dislikes. People were already threatening to get crappy presents if they got your name. The date and restaurant name were chosen and announced. There were stories told about events that occurred at previous Christmas parties. So on and so forth.

But then today, I got the invite. And that's when I really figured out how serious they were about this Christmas party. Each invite had been partially hand painted. Someone took the time to hand paint each and every one with a winter scene so that we could have cute and unique Christmas cards. I then saw some cards that I believe are from past Christmas parties. There was one with a fancy origami Christmas tree clued to the front, one that had again been hand painted, and then one that had even been crossed stitched. They are pretty much collectibles. Crazy!

Basically, THEY REALLY TAKE THIS PARTY SERIOUSLY!!!! I am not sure I can party hard enough for them.

P.S. Today, I am thankful for sleep. For without it I would be crazy. And so would you.

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