Monday, November 29, 2010

The Life of a Working Girl

Sorry for the two day absence. I didn't have much time to post on my mini vacation and now I am back to the busy life of a working girl. Figuring out what my priorities are with my small amount of down time each night is a work in progress. I like to blog and want to continue doing it but my posts may either have to be shorter or less consistent. At least until after the Christmas season.

I don't have much time to post about my mini vacation tonight so I will leave you with this Sugar Cinnamon Almond recipe I made on Thanksgiving. Just know that when she says to mix it every 20 - 30 mins, that she is serious. I forgot about the last stirring and my almonds did burn (I couldn't help it. I was distracted by Cake Boss). I threw most of the burnt ones out which proved to be an unfortunate decision because my dad liked the burnt ones the best. It was a very easy recipe to follow and was good, though I might add a bit more cinnamon next time.

And to catch up on what I am thankful for:

I am thankful for the chance to be spoiled on my birthday. Though I could do without the singing at work next time. Too embarrasing.

I am thankful for the GPS I got Jon for a present last year. It has proved to be very useful. Jon thinks it has helped us avoid many fights, as I get super stressed out when we are lost. So thank you GPS.

I am thankful for our mini vacation. It really gave the hubby and I an opportunity to chillax together in a stress free environment for a few days and to catch up on our sleep.  

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