Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

Today I am thankful for my freedom and for the many men and woman who have given up so much to defend it.

So many men and woman freely make the choice to serve in the military to defend our freedom. Their choice to serve in the military truly is a sacrifice for them and their families. There is no country quite like ours and you should never forget that. You should also never forget those that help keep our country great. Soldiers sacrifice more for their jobs than most of us and do not get nearly enough compensation. So if a chance comes up to give something back, be it money or some type of service, do not turn your back. If you can only give a dollar, give a dollar. If you can give twenty, give twenty. If you can only offer free child care, then offer free child care. Especially remember those families whose dads or moms may not be home to celebrate Christmas with them. Christmas is a special time for every kid and it still can be despite a missing parent.

This handsome guy is my grandfather who was a member of the Air Force. He died in 2009 and I miss him even more than I ever thought I could. He happened to write a short autobiography and I found out about it after he passed away. It included a lot about his military service and his other accomplishments in life. I only wish I had taken the time to force him to tell me about his life while he was alive. I think I could have learned a lot. So perhaps the least we can do is listen to our veterans so that we can not only pass on their stories but so that we can learn valuable lessons from their lives.

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