Monday, November 1, 2010

Electric Heater Love

As I referenced in a previous post, the hubby and I were moving.  We finished moving on Saturday but we have a lot of work ahead of us  to get our new location cleaned up, organized (see picture above) , and feeling like a home. I will have to do a post in the next day or two about where we moved to and why.

My father-in-law was kind enough to put this in our bedroom to keep us warm. I LOVE it! It is so cute.

I have never had a "fireplace" in my room. It is so romantic and pretty.  I am excited for it to keep us company through the winter. And one day, when we settle into a more permanent home,  I think I might have to buy one for the master bedroom. Why would I ever want to live without it now?

1 comment:

  1. your father in law must be pretty cool ;)
    i love it! So cute!!! Good luck getting things organized!