Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did we just really just do that?

Tonight, Jon and I accepted to take one of those trips where you get a free hotel stay in exchange for sitting through a 90 min. presentation and telling them you don't want what they are selling. I am a bit unsure about this deal, and know that it will be a pain to sit through that presentation, but it will be nice to take a cheap trip to Williamsburg as I have been wanting to go there with Jon.

The real crazy part is that we are leaving in a few days. I don't want to miss any work next month, so we are leaving Thursday night after Thanksgiving dinner and coming back Sunday. I was hoping to have a relaxing weekend of birthday celebrations, shopping, watching movies, reading, and spending time on the Internet, but it looks like I will be relaxing somewhere else.

I am a bit in shock. This is the most spontaneous and maybe dumbest thing we have done. But hopefully it will all work out and be fun.

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