Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 2011 Earthquake

The weather has been very strange lately. Last week we had a wild storm which included huge hail. I actually got a picture but haven't gotten it off my camera yet. We were in the middle of a scary movie so it was perfect timing for the storm to hit. I was worried for my car but thankfully the storm left no damage behind.

The real news though is what happened today. As most of you have already hear, the east coat felt a pretty nice size earthquake ( 5.9 last I heard) today.

I was on my computer at work and I hear this weird noise up near the ceiling. I mutter to whoever wanted to listen, "What the heck is that noise." I heard a noise that sounded sort of like a bird fluttering near our ceiling. I work in a tiny office in the back of a warehouse.  Less than a minute latter the whole place starts shaking and shaking. My coworker and I jump up trying to figure out what was going on and it took us a few seconds to realize it was an earthquake.

In no time it had stopped. But my heart kept racing and took a bit of time to calm down. It was my first earthquake. My area of VA usually only gets hit with snow and rain storms. We almost never get earthquakes and hurricane and tornadoes. If we do, they are small and never near where I live. Once, when I was out of state going to college, my family saw a tornado and that in itself was crazy. That's why I always feel safe in the area where I live.

It was a crazy moment. But we went on business as usual when it was over. And thinking back it seems crazy that buildings and monuments in DC are being evacuated, people are leaving work early, and flights are being postponed. It seems even crazier that the National Cathedral was damaged. The earthquake didn't seem big enough to accomplish that despite how scary it was.

And ultimately it makes me feel more sorrowful for those people that have had to live through more massive & damaging earthquakes. 

If you want more information here are some articles:

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  1. It totally freaked me out. I thought maybe it was construction going on in my building, but then my officemate ran out. Kind of amazing to see people lining the side of RT 7. You are right - I can't imagine how people live through more frequent/damaging ones.