Monday, August 8, 2011

My Favorite Sunday Movies*

The A Little Princess / The Secret Garden movie set was one of my best movie purchases yet. I love both movies, though The Secret Garden is my all time favorite. I can watch it over and over which isn't common for me. I have started reading it for the first time (thanks to the Kindle app. on my phone) and already love it. Such a classic. Maybe I will have to read A Little Princess next.

Both movies are such feel good family friendly movies that will stay on my shelf for a very long time. Movies I will pass on to my future kids and hope that they fall in love with too.

Now I just need my own secret garden.

*My hubby doesn't like watching most movies on Sunday since it is the Sabbath and I have tried to adhere to the same standard. These two make great Sabbath movies.

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