Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Perfect Egg Sandwich

Desperate to find something not to heavy but not to light to eat before church today I came up with the following:

Elizabeth's Sunday Egg Sandwich

1. Begin to fry your eggs to your liking. I don't usually like a runny yolk on a sandwich.
2. Put bread in toaster.
3. Cut up red onion in slices and put in your egg pan to let them fry just a bit. Not sure the importance of this besides to warm them up.
4. Fry or brown some ham in the same pan as the eggs and onions. I used lunch meat as that is all we had. You can always go to the deli and get them to slice ham to the width you want if you prefer the slices to be thicker than your average lunch meat.
5. Get the finished toast and spread mayo on it.
6. Put the egg, ham, and onions on the sandwich. I do not put the slices of bread together like a traditional sandwich when I make 2 eggs. I have 2 open face sandwiches.
7. Top with basil and hot sauce if you want.
8. Eat and enjoy.

Seriously delicious!

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