Sunday, August 28, 2011

Phone Dump

Here are a few pictures from my phone showing what I have been up to as of late (Excuse the quality. I do not have an ipone quality camera on my phone.) :

Concerts on Fridays at Landsdown Resort!

Pulling pranks at work on really boring days. We saw this idea randomly in passing on pinterest and were so bored my coworker decided to test it out. It ended up being really funny.

Good food! Ashley at That is all. posted about Market Salamander is Middleburg and it reminded me that I needed to go there sometime for lunch. I had been there with my dad for a political party and the catered food was great but I had been wanting to try out the cafe food. My sister and I went on Saturday, right before the rain started, and it was delicious. Seeing as it's not as far as I thought it was from where I live, I might have to go more often.

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