Monday, August 15, 2011


Has anyone seen Laura? I am thinking that it is not a fairly common movie anymore but I could be completely wrong about that which is why I am wondering. My brother recommended the movie and thanks to Netflix I was able to check it out. Laura is a 1940's movie about the murder of a young socialite who is well liked by many men. As the detective begins to investigate he becomes infatuated with her.

Laura won best cinematography for black and white movies and was nominated for a host of other awards so it's not some cheaply done old movie. It is not rated and is incredibly clean. I recommend it for anybody who likes mysteries, especially old ones such as Charade.

I have had it on my Amazon wish list for a while just on the off chance I wouldn't be able to get it through Netflix but I intend to keep it there. It would be a good movie to add to my collection.

My favorite part about the movie: it's only an hour and a half :)

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