Tuesday, August 30, 2011

San Francisco

I am taking a last minute trip to San Francisco to accompany my husband on a business trip. I do not usually take last minute trips like this, unless somebody died, so this is new for me. I am a bit stressed but hopefully it will be fun. I will be getting lots more time to explore San Francisco than we had a few months ago when we were out that way so I am excited for that. Too bad I will be doing a lot of it alone while my husband is in meetings. Another thing I have never done, toured alone. Eek! Hopefully I don't become a baby about it and stay inside the hotel all day because there are lots of neighborhoods I want to explore.

When I get back, I will make sure to post about this trip as well as finally catch up on posts about my last big trip.

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  1. you can always hook up with MB I know she would like that...